About Good Morning Aomori

Good Morning Aomori is the quarterly Aomori Prefecture JET newsletter. It began in 2007 by Prefectural Advisor Marti Deyo and Assistant Language Teacher JoAnn Cho as a way to inform and build connections among the JET community.

The newsletter features recent and upcoming festivals and events, highlights from around the prefecture, profiles of local JETs, and other fun tid-bits. GMA is put together by the Aomori JET Programme ALTS and CIRs.

We are always looking for creative minds interesting in contributing to the issue.
Ideas, thoughts, and comments are always welcome.

About the Editors

Tesia Smith 2008 ~ Present Aomori City Board of Education ALT

Christy Bahr 2008 ~Present Aomori City Board of Education CIR


Former Editors and Layout Designers

Genevieve Murphy- Fukaura Town Board of Education ALT
Karen Retter – Aomori City Nishi High School ALT

2007 -2008
Marti Deyo – Aomori Prefectural Advisor
JoAnn Cho – Aomori City Toyoma High School ALT

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